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Special Occasion coming up and need to feed a mob?

We have Spit Roast Ovens available for hire

Hire includes gas. Plus $50 Bond for cleaning, Bond will be returned if returned as clean as taken.

Looking for something more than a BBQ, how about a beautiful selection of Roasting Meats.

Our Butchers can make it easy for you, tell us how many people you need to feed and we can work out quantities. We can supply (just to name a few suggestions):

Easy Carve Lamb Leg

Boned Rolled Seasoned Lamb

Rolled Seasoned Lamb Loin

Leg of Lamb

Leg of Pork

Rolled Pork

Boned Rolled Sundried Tomato & Pistatio Chicken

Boned Rolled Apricot & Macadamia Chicken

Rolled Beef

Butterflied Lamb

Boned Leg of Pork

Boneless Chicken

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